Bruce Trail – Map 8- Bond St to Borer’s Falls

See video here.

This was an unexpected hot and humid May day. We found legal parking in town and connected with the trail at Bond St. This connected to where we left off on March 2021. We travelled through the residential streets and then climbed a trail along Sydenham St. facing oncoming traffic. Eventually we came to where the trail meets a side trail to Tews Falls. This was where we hiked from on February 14, 2021.

We crossed the street to follow the white markers. Here the trail becomes quite hilly and windy as it passes beneath trees until Sydenham Falls. Don’t get too excited about this falls, its barely anything at all. This is where we turned around on the snowy February hike in 2021. However, you will find some sweet views of Dundas from on top of the escarpment.

We pushed on for the grand finale – Borer’s Falls! See a short video here. Once we reached the little bridge over Borer’s Creek we had arrived.

Borer’s Falls is a 15 meter ribbon falls along the escarpment. For those who wish to see the falls with a hike there is a parking lot a short walk away. This parking spot is where I ended my hike in August of 2021 from Great Falls to Borer’s Falls.

We made it to Borer’s Falls and took time to look around on the top level and then around to look at it from across before returning.

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