Bruce Trail – City View to Great Falls (Smokey Hollow)

See video of hike here.

Do you ever have a destination goal that feels jinxed. This was one of those. On my first attempt, I went in the wrong direction – City View to Guelph Line. It wasn’t a complete loss as this would have been the next hike. Then I posted it again and had to cancel due to inclement weather and again a second time. Finally, we posted and though the weather looked questionable to forecast changed to a great day with an evening storm. We kept the hike as schedule and set out on a gorgeous sunny morning.

The hike to Great Falls was lovely and fairly easy. We spent time checking it out and then took the descending trail along the river until it met the Norman Pearson Side Trail. This side trail begins with a long climb up, which we took to loop back.

Thankfully, we made good time, because though we made it back early and in the sun, we could see a dark sky quickly approaching. That would be the derecho that wasn’t supposed to arrive for at least another 4-5 hours. It hit while we were driving back. We thought we could get ahead of it, but that soon became apparent that wouldn’t happen. We took our time as did all the drivers around us. When we reached Etobicoke we were out of it. The evidence left being large puddles and downed tree branches.

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