Bruce Trail – Hermitage to Tiffany Falls – aka the Cheese Trail

We continued our hike along the Iroquoia Club section of the Bruce Trail from Hermitage Gate to Sherman Falls and then to Tiffany Falls and back again.

But first we picked up our snack boxes from Ancaster Cheese. They were so beautiful and delicious. Everyone was delighted.

Dundas Valley is a favourite place to hike, especially in winter. The ground is snowy trail is magical.

Frozen waterfalls are even more magical and majestic. Our first falls was Sherman Falls.

Our second falls was Tiffany Falls. Note: The 1 hour parking at Tiffany Falls is a hot commodity. If you go through the effort of getting a parking spot, make sure you have packed ice spikes for your shoes in the winter before heading to the falls. The paid parking is not worth injuring yourself or your companions.

Following our hike we enjoyed our snack boxes.

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