Bruce Trail – Tews Falls – Map 8

Today we started at the Tews Falls parking lot to begin our hike on the Tews Falls Side Trail. Parking is $15.50. The falls have some fantastic lookouts. If you just wanted to walk around the upper Tews Falls trail you could leave completely satisfied.

We donned our snow spikes and set off. Our plans took us down the escarpment’s switch back trail. The trail was extremely magical. Blue Jays called. The trees were decorated in cotton ball snow clumps. The occasional breeze blew large fluffy flakes through the sun filled air and caused clumps to softly shower down from the branches above our heads.

As usual we managed as usual to get a little lost. The first off trail incident happened when we saw a sign that said to stay on the marked trail and showed the white Bruce Trail Blaze pointing in the direction of Syndenham Lookout. Perhaps we should have realized this was not the correct way by the fact that though there looked to be a trail depression no one had walked there in at least a week. We started along the trail until we came to an old mine and decided since we hadn’t seen a marker we better turn back and reconsider or path. We decided to continue on the side trail.

Our second mistake was listening to another hiker who told us to keep right at the bottom of the trail near the tracks. Phone GPS was a bit wonky too and confirmed what the hiker advised. We soon realized that trail was leading us in the opposite direction and we turned back.

Finally we got back on track and realized we still needed to be on the Tews Side Trail and should have taken a hard left when we got to the railway tracks. This was just past the remnants of a mining elevator.

We passed another waterfall – name unknown and passed under a railway bridge to a cute wooden bridge that spans a small creek. Soon after this the trail met the road. This where we needed to cross to pick up the Bruce Trail. We took the trail 1 km to Syndenham Falls and the Lookout. The falls didn’t look like much in the winter, but I believe they would look pretty in spring when the water is flowing. We had our snacks and headed back. The return was much quicker considering we then knew where we were going. However, it quite gruelling with the long steep ascent in the snow. My recommendation would be to start at Syndenham Look out and walk to Tews Fall and then return.

Total KMs: 10km

Trails: Tews Side Trail, extra unknowns and Bruce Trail, Iroquoia Club 59km – 60km

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