Bruce Trail – Escarpment Sideroad to Forks of the Credit

We set out to begin this hike on October 15th. We were going to start at Escarpment Sideroad and end Forks of the Credit, but wahwah we didn’t think we would need to book parking reservations post Thanksgiving. Even though it was pouring rain at 9am when we arrived at the park, the conservation officer turned us away. This meant we had to park 3km north of the park.

The trail begins with a majestic forest walk beneath a canopy of falling autumn leaves. A wild turkey was spotted, but not caught on camera. A large section is along a road. The sky offered a dramatic backdrop to yellowing fields and apples were found along the way. We passed through the landmark trail tunnel. The autumn hike ended with a surprise – a working wind generated pump!

On the icy cold morning of January 14, 2023, we resumed the hike. Forks of the Credit is a joy to explore in all seasons and there is plenty to see even off the Bruce Trail. See other experiences here and here and here and here. Lol.

We wound our way through the narrow and thankfully not too icy park path to where it meets Dominion Street and than looped back via Dorothy Medhurst Side Trail. The loop was only 10km, but considering how frosty it was and how much we had to watch our footing over the frequent inclines and declines, it was a-okay.

This hike connected with the an April 2021 hike that ended at Dominion Street and the October 2022 hike that ended at Escarpment Sideroad.

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