Bruce Trail – Kilgorie to Boyne Valley

The hike from Kilgore to Boyne Valley Provincial park was one the most fun trail sections I’ve on for a while. Why? Well the day was unusually warm for November. For the most part, the fall leaves had fallen to the ground creating a colourful and crunchy path.

We passed along side a sparkling lake, and old riverside factory, cornfields and then cracked rocks of the escarpment. Here, we all dropped our packs to explore the escarpment crevice that we could crawl down to including a hole from one side to another. It felt like we were a bunch of kids at a playground. Following this, we came across a section that was much like Limehouse, where we had to pass a maze rock tops to avoid the cracks of the escarpment. You can see all of this, plus some stunning views and yet another abandoned vehicle in the YouTube video.

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