Bruce Trail – Forks of the Credit – Map 15

We set out to park on Hwy 11 near Dominion, but found all the parking at this location has been removed. We ended up parking off of McLaren Rd. Beware of potholes. These are unavoidable. You can park for 4hours for $7.50 and they have good outhouses here.

From this parking lot one must begin with Meadow Trail. We followed this to the Bruce Trail and turned left. This segment was fairly flat, with some icy sections. It was after this that the trail became very narrow, steep and icy. Our Kahtoola spikes and careful stepping kept us on trail.

The Dorothy Medhurst Side Trail warned of a steep decline and the sign wasn’t kidding. Again we made it through and were happy that we weren’t returning on that path.

From there we went left to Dominion Rd. We came across the Brimstone Honey stand and promised the owner we would pickup honey on the way back – no need to add weight until necessary.

We walked along Dominion, which followed the river, until it met Hwy 11 and walked the short distance to where we would have parked and then returned.

We loaded our packs with honey and headed back, passing Dorthy Medhurst Side Trail and sticking to the Bruce Trail.

We took a look at the icy river near the fork for the Cataract Side Trail before carrying on.

We saw a sign for the falls and took this to the lookout.

It was quite steep and icy, but worth the trek.

We had to return the way we came as this path was marked as no exit.

Snow Angel

The next BT segment was long, steep and icy, but better we climb up than go down it. We took breaks as needed on the way up and another at the top. The BT that connected us with the same path of the Meadow Side Trail that we took from the the parking was flat and open again. Overall we did about 11km.

When we left there was a security attendant controlling traffic and a sign that said the park was full.

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