Bruce Trail – Escarpment Sideroad to 7th Line

We all met up on October 1, 2022 at the Escarpment Rd trail entrance (km 26.1) of the Caledon Hills Club to make our way to 7th Line.

It started off with a beautiful forest walk. The quickly turned back to Escarpment road and then the very busy Airport Road. it was a very steady incline along here and for much of the rest of the way.

Watch carefully for the next turn on Finnerty Sideroad. We missed it, got all the way up to Coolihans and had to turn back. Venturing through the Oak Ridge Moraine was a highlight of our trip after all. Our return back to Finnerty was soon rewarded. Far off in the distance we saw something large setoff towards us. Its large wings brought it closer and closer. The heron soared directly over us only about 10 feet above our heads, without even acknowledging us. (See the 1:40 minute mark of the video.)

Oak Ridge Moraine was unbelievably beautiful. The day was sunny. The forest was lushly green. We got to ford a small creek with mini obstacle coarse.

Eventually, the trail gave way to a wide open grassy space in Glen Haffy Conservation Area. We crossed the space and entered the forest again. This trail was more manicured and there were signs of newer growth tree planting. Along the trail that descends down to a road I was attacked by a wasp that bit me multiple times through decorative holes in my leggings. As it happened this was the only day I left my first aid kit behind…. never again. Luckily, another hiker came to the rescue and we carried onward.

You’ll see that the forested trail follows a river for bit, then opens up to a meadow, then a became covered with sumac and then finally the best view of the Humber Valley. This was the landmark to tell us we were near the end. We saw a view of the farm, the inukshuk and the Bruce Trail parking lot just beyond.

All the ups and downs were well worth the sore legs the next day.

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