Bruce Trail – Map 10 – Kilbride to Mount Nemo

KMs 93.7 – 100 + 1.6 + 2.4st

Visit the Torch Hours YouTube channel for video of this hike, here.

The air is crisp, the tree canopy is full of colour and the leaves on the ground are crunchy. We headed south bound from Kilbride to Mount Nemo.

The trail is tough to find from the school, but just head down to No 8 Sideroad and over to Twiss Rd. You’ll pick up the trail there as you head into the woods. The forest trail has great steep parts, a frosty marsh, a couple of bridges, including a brand new one the volunteers recently built.

Then just like that we popped out Britannia Rd and Blind Line where we were greeted by a Triumph parade. Interesting things are often seen at these trail intersections. We turned left at Colling Rd where we met a local farmer out for his morning walk. The trail runs parallel to the road until it meets Mount Nemo Conservation area. We took the side trail here so that people could see the view. See other Mount Nemo hikes here, here and here.

On the way back we took the River & Ruin side trail to change it up. Definitely found the river, not the ruin?

If you watch the video you’ll see the cute little field mouse we found.

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