Bruce Trail – Mount Nemo – Map 10, Part 1

Trout Lily

It was a beautiful day to take my favourite outdoorsy tweens out to explore a nearby escarpment called Mount Nemo. Mount Nemo is part of the Niagara Escarpment. It is one of the best examples of cliff-edge ecosystem in Ontario, Canada.


We started at the South parking lot, MN 13 and made it to a little after MN 11. This was about 1km in each direction.


This section of the trail is very picturesque with flowers, creeks and trees.

Canada Violet

With everything to look at it makes the steady ascent less noticeable, that is until you reach the ladder that takes you up the escarpment. It’s just two small ladders, but it adds a little excitement.


Once on top, the landscape of fractured rock and roots opened up to East facing views of farms, golf courses and far off in the distance, Toronto and Pearson Airport.



There were many people, seemingly locals. Many with their dogs.  When we reached a series of crevasses there we watched a group of beginner mountain climbers learning to repel there.  Not us though, we just posed for a photo near out picnic site.


There are several benches, logs and rocks – all with views to stop and enjoy lunch.  It is probably worth mentioning that there are only to washrooms in this park are about 1.5 km from the South parking lot.


There are no paper trail maps available at the South park entrance. Take a picture of the map in the parking lot before starting.


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