Bruce Trail – Maps 7 & 8 – Chedoke to Tiffany Falls

KMs 38.7-45.2

Visit the Torch Hours YouTube channel for video of this hike, here.

It was a cool Fall day as we headed out on the Bruce Trail from the parking lot at Chedoke Park toward Tiffany Falls and then back again. We began climbing the 289 Chedoke Stairs to take the Bruce Trail Robert MacLaren Side Trail along the top of the escarpment until it met with the main Bruce Trail.

We met back up with the main trail and soon after came across a waterfalls that was accessible my a natural escarpment wall. We continued through the forest. The trail included traversing a few steep rocky climbs and a pedestrian overpass over the 403 highway. I’ve often passed under such overpasses and wondered what’s up there. Now I know the answer to this one.

We crossed Wilson Street and took the path a short distance to reach the Tiffany Falls side trail. The side trail winds it’s way back and forth over a small river until reaching the beautiful falls.

We then returned via the main trail until meeting up with the Iroquoia Heights Side Trail. We took the side trail to change it up a bit. We took the main trail back to the parking lot. The main trail follows along the bottom of the escarpment and is also part of the Chedoke Radial Trail. There were several more waterfalls along the path. Overall, we covered 16km in 3 hour 20 mins with stops.

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