Bruce Trail – Mount Nemo – Map 10, Part 2

In May, 2018,  I hiked Mount Nemo with two 11 year olds starting from the Walker’s Line and No 2 Side Road. and made it to marker MN11.  Today,  I seized a beautiful sunny Spring day and finished the half of Mount Nemo starting from Colling Rd and Guelph Line. This leaves me with 10 km  North of MN to Calcium Pit and 5km South of MN to Guelph Line and No 1 Sideroad to finish map 10.  Most of these remain 15 km are via roads, which I plan on breezing through.

Today, was my first solo excursion for some time.  I wanted to go somewhere that was a little familiar, and a place that would lend itself to a lingering wander with lots of people.  On top of this escarpment was just the place.


Today’s Mount Nemo hike starts off fairly flat and then turns into a gradual incline leading to a lookout and a decision of left to the North loop or right to the South loop.  Since I had done most of the South trail last already, I started on the North.  It was a lot of fun.  The terrain was rocky and rooty, with great escarpment views.  Today a huge turkey vulture flew overhead.  I followed it’s path, which lead to about half a dozen of them circling over the an unseen interest on the ground below.

Mount Nemo

At one point the rocky path becomes very narrow and hugs a bulging boulder. There is a chain here to assist with balance.  At the switch back there is a steep dirt incline and then it becomes fairly flat again.


When I reached the end of the North Loop Trail, I decided to take the South Loop Trail to complete the hike I started last year.  It wasn’t long before I found where the girl’s called it quits.


The South Loop Trail switches back at MN11. From here to the main trail the terrain is nice, flat, and grassy. It’s a nice stroll and a break from the rocks, roots and caverns of the escarpment’s edge.

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