Bruce Trail – Map 10- Guelph Line to Mount Nemo

KMs 83.5 – 93.0 + rd

Visit the Torch Hours YouTube channel for video of this hike, here.

I highly recommend a Guelph Line to Mount Nemo loop. The approach to Mount Nemo at Walkers Rd and No 2 Line is beautiful and dramatic!

Though this section of the Iroquoia Club Bruce Trail includes a few kilometres of road the northward approach offers excitement once the fields open up to offer a backdrop of the escarpment and the promise of an ascent.

If you find a black Cascade pole with gold duct tap wrapped below the handle – that’s mine.

Once you enter the lower parking lot the once easy and nearly flat terrain climbs quickly leading through escarpment rock until you reach a small ladder which takes you to the top. Follow the trail for vistas of farm fields, Lake Ontario, Mississauga and Toronto. See other Mount Nemo hikes here, here and here.

We exited the park at the Main entrance and walked by via Guelph Line to create the loop.

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