Bruce Trail – Map 42 – Little Cove to The Grotto

KMs 158.1-146.7

On September 1st, friends Juan and Esteban joined myself and the girls for a day of hiking Bruce Trail in the Bruce Peninsula from Little Cove to The Grotto.

We expected lots of up and downs, but we did not know that this section was considered extremely difficult. My guess is that this rating is due to the rock clambering, the extremely uneven escarpment rock trails, and large pebbly beaches. One had to keep an eye on their footing at all times. The girls were troopers!

At least we were accompanied by this gorgeous raw coastline and the crystal clear aqua water of Lake Huron’s Georgian Bay the whole way. Views for only those that venture to explore.

Our trail gift to ourselves was a swim in our destination cove just past the famous Grotto look out. The best reward after a hard, hot day of activity.

We ended the night back at our Cyprus lake camp. That night brought campfire tales, Perseid meteor shows, magical phenomena of the constellations reflecting off a mirrored lake and meeting Donnie Darko.

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