Bruce Trail – Map 42 – Little Cove to Tobermory Trailhead

KMs 158.1-166.4t

Yesterday, we hiked from Little Cover to The Grotto for a post-hike swim. Today, we hiked a stunning section of the Bruce Trail from Little Cove to the Tobermory Trailhead. This trail was marked as intermediate to easy, which is a fair assessment. The girls chose to recover their sore feet from yesterday and opted out of today’s hike. They were a wee upset when they heard how easy this hike turned out to be and how quickly we had managed it.

We were camping in the national park so we parked a car at Little Cove and another at the visitor centre at no extra charge. Otherwise there are options for payment. The lots are checked regularly. Bathrooms are on site at both parking locations.

Walking the Georgian Bay coastline while the waves crash upon the very rocks you are walking upon is captivating. Today was much cooler and the waves were much stronger than the day before.

Other features of this trail include the arches, a random barking dog from a property that the trail edges along, the Bruce Peninsula lookout tower and of course the Tobermory Trailhead Cairn.

After we had lunch back at our campsite, we took the girls back to the visitor’s centre to climb the lookout tower and then walked back to the Cairn. We treated them to ice cream and Beaver Tails for all of their hard work.

That night we had a fulfilled campfire and more magical stargazing at the lake.

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