Bruce Trail – Hockley Valley – Map 18

We parked at Hockley Road Side Trail and set out to hike from 60.1 km to 66.8, but this is what happened. We donned our Kahtoola ice grips and started-off with a very icy incline. This would not be a good trail to take without snow grips.

The steep paths were very icy. We happily strolled along at 6 km/hour branching off to take the Tom East Side Trail. This is a hike defined by rolling hills, forests, gentle clear water creeks and meadows. We loved it! The ups and downs didn’t feel so strenuous at that moment.

We reconnected with the Bruce Trail and too this to Isabel East Side Trail. This is where we started to get a little tired. The terrain began to feel tougher. This trail connects with the Glen Cross Side Trail, which felt even tougher still. The scenery was still lovely, but we were feeling it.

When we got to the trail head, we thought we needed to turn back rather than continue onwards to 66.8km.

We returned by the Bruce Trail with plenty of breaks. It felt like an accomplishment. Our total hike distance was 10.5 km.

Note: We met a solo hiker at the parking lot. He was returning from doing the south section. He said it was even more challenging than the north section.

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