Bruce Trail Side Trail & Other Trail Tracking

Niagara Club
3Rockway Side Trail
970 m March 21, ’21
Iroquoia Club
6Side Trails: Devil’s Punch Bowl Side Trail
May 19, 2019
8Side Trails: Cantebury Falls Side Trail, 2.8km — Tiffany Falls, 420m
Feb 7, 2021
10Side Trails: Mount Nemo Side Trail, 780m
April, 2019
Toronto Club
11Side Trails: Philip Gosling Side Trail, 680m
May 20, 2018
12Side Trails: Canada Goose, 4,7km — Brown Bennett Side Trail, 90m — Black Creek Side Trail, 1.6km
Dec 10, 2017
Side Trails: Todd Bardes Meadowland Side Trail, 540m– Limehouse Access Trail, 230m
13Side Trails: Great Esker Side Trail, 3.6km — Maureen Smith Side Trail, 720km — Bennett Heritage Trail, 2km (Jan 31, ’21) — Roberts Side Trail, 1.5km (May 31, ’21)
14Side Trail: Rockside Side Trail – 2.6km
April 11, ’21
Caledonia Hills Club
14Side Trail: Trimble Trail – 2.2 km
see notes
15Side Trail: Dorothy Medhurst Side Trail, 440mCataract Side Trail, 1.1km — Mill Pond Side Trail, 1.6km
Mar 7, 21 Sept, 2017
Other Trails: Caledon Trailway–Meadow Trail–Trans Canada Trail–Grand Valley Trail–Elora Cataract Trailway
Sept, 2017
16Side Trail: Mountainview Rd Side Trail, 780m
17Side Trail: Glen Haffy Side Trail – 4.8km — Songbird Side Trail 1.8km
18Side Trail: Hockley Road, 250m –Tom East, 2.5km — Isabel East, 1.9km — Glen Cross – 1.4km
Feb 28, 2021
Peninsula Club
42 Other Trails: Cyprus Lake Trail– Georgian Bay Trail– Mar Lake Trail
Side Trail: Burnt Point Side Trail– Sink Hole Side Trail

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