Bruce Trail – Dundas Valley, Map 8

Chasing Waterfalls

We began at the Dundas Valley Gate Parking lot. It is $11 for parking and though it isn’t free, there is plenty of parking available and it isn’t time limited like other places. Additionally, it provides funding for the conservation area which is beautifully maintained.

Our first goal was to find the Cantebury Falls Side Trail, which we did literally in a round about way. It was the smallest of the falls and nearly frozen solid, with sound of falling water deep beneath the icy crust. I believe this would be a pretty falls to see in the spring.

We then continued on to Sherman Falls. We opted to exit the Bruce Trail at the Lions Club Road parking lot and go by road due to time constraints. It was a pleasant walk none the less. Sherman Falls was very picturesque especially with it’s mix of walling water and frozen stalactites. (Will need to close the loop here).

From here we reconnected with the Bruce Trail to go to Tiffany Falls, which seemed to be the most popular. The walk to the falls is very romantic with it’s criss-crossing bridges.

We then returned the way we came, without the loop-to-loops and extended our trail to visit Griffin House, an African American heritage site. This is definitely worth visiting and a wonderful historic reference for families escaping slavery and finding freedom.

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