Urban Hiking at Ontario Place

Guides was asked to participate in an Outdoors themed weekend for Ontario 150.  I volunteered for the afternoon. I had this crazy notion it would be fun to ride my bike. Because of the Ex, my planned route was rerouted a number of times forcing me to take dizzying city roads that I was trying to avoid. Eventually I made it.

Our ACL set up a tent and mapped out an orienteering path through the overgrown area of Ontario Place. Every hour we took a group through the area looking nature and birds.

This area is available for anyone to go through when they please. It has an eerie haunted carnival Scooby Doo feel.  It’s worth doing once or twice though.

Bonus: The Ex Air Show.

To avoid the crazy route I took there I took the Lakeshore. That was a new adventure full of pack riders, hard core riders and Toronto Bike Share Tourists.  Along the way I was asked by a group of male tourists to park my bike and join them for a beer on a Harbour Front patio. It was a surreal experience.

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