Figment – Toronto

When I travel I love to paint what I see, often in nature, and then bring back home, like an art exchange. Because of my work with Big On Bloor, Figment asked me to participate with their event.  The catch it was the day I return from an overnight flight home from vacation on the West Coast.  I drew and painted like mad to have enough kelp, starfish and sea shells to hide every hour from 9AM to 5PM.

Essentially, I created an hourly scavenger hunt. I would take photos on my Instax and post the instant photos on a poster back at Figment HQ. I would also post photos of where they were hidden on my instagram accounts. People could actively seek the watercolours out or they could happen upon. Each was sealed in a bag with a print out explaining where the art came from and that it was theirs to keep.

The activity itself also boosted awareness for Figment and the other creative and interactive activities going on throughout the day.

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