Adult Skills Weekend

I wasn’t expecting to go to the Wyoka adult skills weekend in September, but I’m so glad that I did.


Besides learning how to facilitate archery and earning ORCKA III,  I had the opportunity to spend time with fantastic women, who were enthusiastic about Guiding and had so many experiences and ideas to share.

Other activities Guiders could do included high ropes, kiln enamel, rock climbing, theatre, and more.

The camp staff who organized the weekend were terrific.  They were so dynamic and fluid.

There were so many favourite activities from the ice breaker games to the theatrical campfire.

We even had free time (something so rare at camp). Many spent it socializing, going for a walk, swim in the lake or playing card games. Exploding Kittens was super fun (not child appropriate).

I highly recommend this any Guider with any level of experience.


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