Ein Bokek

Dead Sea

Getting There

In the morning, we caught a cab on the street near our hotel in Eilat and took it to the rental car hub across from the airport. Four rental car shops later, Avis had one vehicle with a minimum 3 day rental. We took it and headed off to Ein Bokek. Ein Bokek is a resort area on the Dead Sea.

The highway wan’t very busy and there are plenty of places to stop and stretch your legs. We noticed some similar colour variations in mountains that were similar to the Jordan side, but instead of stripes the variations occurred between mountains.


The Dream

My parents went to the Dead Sea in ’82 or ’83. It sounded like the coolest place on earth and ever since then I’ve wanted to go and experience it for myself.

Ein Bokek is a great place to go for sun and relaxation and the air does feel easy there. While my daughter floated in the sea, I mudded myself up and let it set in the sun. Then I took the long awaited plunge to de-mud and bob around with my daughter. The water was terrific. 


Before we left, we took a morning dip too. We were up early enough to watch the moon set.


Where we stayed.

We stayed at the Leonardo Inn. It was supposed to be our second splurge. It was okay. The staff were really friendly. The grounds and pool were well kept. The family of geese and peacocks entertained my daughter.


Not having to worry about the meals was great. However, we found the food to be stale and uninventive. Maybe that is normal for an all inclusive. Also to note, most of the patrons of this resort were seniors. Everything seemed very routine for them.

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