Siq Trail

Petra Park – Wadi Musa – Siq Trail

It is so worth the effort, time and cost to go to Petra. Out of all my travels and visits to ancient places this was one of the most incredible.  I’m still trying to digest it.


If you’re fan of Indiana Jones and chase adventure you’ll want to do the Siq Trail even if you don’t consider yourself a hiker. The trail itself is gentle. What I would advise is being prepared for extreme heat and then cold. It is a desert after all. We had the sunscreen, but not the hats to protect us against the brilliant sun. Don’t worry they sell hats for unprepared people like myself.


Things to keep in mind. You will be approached by men with licensed horses that will give you a ‘free guided tour’ for 1km. The tour is free, but the horse costs 10 Dinar.  We knew we were being ‘taken for ride’, but we did it anyways. It was one of our party’s first time on horse. What better place for a first time than Petra. Two of us also road camels. One kept trying to bite my leg.

What I would suggest is walking the Siq from the entrance because it is t downhill and then if you wish to ride a horse, carriage or camel wait for your return trip.

Also be mindful, there are children working in Petra. They sell stuff and guide animals. It’s sad to see. It was an eye opener for my daughter.

The approach to the Treasury is almost as breath taking at the Treasury itself.
 The Treasury

There are plenty of splendid structures to see in Petra. What is nice about many parts is the physical interaction that remains. There are many parts that you can climb and dwellings you may enter. This is a privilege. One that should enjoyed with great care while it lasts.


As gorgeous as it is to walk the gorgeous Petra Siq trail, it is a bit like “Exit Through the Gift Shop”. There are many ways to spend your money along the Siq, whether it is tours, animal rides, food, or wares. Our favourite tourist trap was bottle sand art. The sands of Jordan are vibrant and diverse in colour. Sand artists use this medium to create scenes and symbols of this mysterious country.


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