Bruce Trail – Maps 10 & 11 – Kilbride to Crawford Lake

KMs 100-106.7 +reroute + side trail =18kmr

Visit the Torch Hours YouTube channel for video of this hike, here.

When we set out on this hike, we were concerned with an afternoon rain. Instead though, the chill turned to sun and we finished our 18 kilometres in 4 hours to beat the rain.

We were surprised to find a trail change, which added a fair bit of distance. The new route takes you to Kilbride Rd, over Twiss, up to Derry Rd and over to where the trail used to come out along the creek. On the return we went right on Derry to McNiven and back to Kilbride to walk through the village until Panton St.

Overall it with a lovely fall walk, with some fun rock climbs. Crawford Lake was a fantastic half-way point to have a snack and regroup before heading back.

After the hike 4 of us headed to Cascata for lunch. I highly recommend it.

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