Did I mention that I was on a podcast?

Every now and then someone reaches out to me about the podcast interview I did with the lovely and kind Lori Primer for her podcast @thehikepodcast. This podcast interview, done in 2019, details my raw and honest experience on the West Coast Trail.

In preparation for the WCT hike, I read books, I listened to podcasts and watched YouTube videos so that I had a realistic idea of what was ahead of me and how to plan accordingly. Each podcast offered invaluable information and learnings from incidents on the trail. Though, none of the hikers or their stories seemed to represent me or how my trail experiences. Spoiler Alert: I didn’t complete the trail. (Read why.)

It makes me sad to this day, but it is a story that should be shared. This is why.

  1. Did I mention that this trail is made for giants? The WCT is hard on most, but if you are 5′ 4″ or less, it will be harder on you than your taller companions. My friend claims that I used every part of my body to make it through. This could explain why my forehead had dirt marks from the ladders across it. Hmmm, I’ve never down the math before. If my feet are on a rung and my stomach on the middle rung and my forehead and hands on the top run, the rungs are close to 2.5′ apart. The point is, if I can get all 5 feet 1 inches of me through the hardest trail section in pretty much the worst conditions, you can do it.
  2. Shout out to the Moms. If this is what you want to do, find a way. Ask for help to watch your kid(s). Get back outside, train and do practice excursions.
  3. Plan for the truly unexpected. I had my island contacts and a plan to get back from the North end. For some reason did not plan for ending up back at Gordon River or Nitinat Narrows. I hope you get to finish your hike, but in case, I strongly suggest planning for the unexpected.

Below is Lori’s contact information in case you are interested in following her on social media.
Instagram: @thehikepodcast@lori_the_explorer
Twitter: @thehikepodcast
Blog: thehikepodcast.wordpress.com
Facebook: @thehikepodcast

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