Gros Morne : Day 1 – Arrival, Waterfalls, Rocky Harbour & Green Point.

Short video recap can be viewed here.

Well, I made it. Canada has 10 provinces and I can now say I’ve been to them all. This is the only I haven’t driven to and I’m happy to have been convinced to fly. I’m also quite happy with the fact that we flew to Deer Lake rather than Saint John’s and driving from there. For one thing that became instantly evident is that this province is vast and to make a trip from the East Coast of the island to the West would have required the time of a retiree.

So what can you expect in Deer Lake? The airport is similar to Nanaimo, Victoria and Kelowna’s. Which means you walk from the plane to the terminal via the tarmac. We headed straight for the car rental place and picked our pre-booked car up in minutes. Then a few minutes later got our luggage. We pre-planned where we would get our groceries from Foodland and other camping needs from Dollarama and Home Hardware. Then we headed to Rocky Harbour.

Along the way, we stopped at Southeast Brook Falls for our first Gros Morne National Park hike. It was great to stretch the legs. We were the only ones there. The hike was short and beautiful. The falls were postcard perfect.

Once we made it to Rocky Harbour we went to the National Park Visiter’s Center to get a park map and then drove to Green Point Campsite – our home for the next 4 days.

Note: If Green Point sounds familiar, you may be thinking of the Green Point Campsite in Pacific Rim National Park, which is on the West Coast of Vancouver Island. Not sure if someone decided to be a trickster when naming these campsites, but I’ve been told that many travellers arrive to find that they booked their campgrounds on the opposite coast!

The Green Point Campsite in Newfoundland is very different from the its BC counterpart, in that this is a small intimate campground with only 33 sites. These sites are separated by a modern washroom, shower and kitchen washing station. We stayed in one of the oTENTiks, which came equipped with 4 Muskoka chairs, a huge fire pit, picnic table and personal potable water tap. Inside we had a ceiling light, simple heater, bench, table with 4 chairs, a couple of jacket hooks and 6 beds. The windows have screens with detachable velcro clear plastic and canvas covers. The door locks. It’s all anyone could need. Oh, but the most amazing feature was the perpetual sunset views. Check out the sunset time lapse in my short video here.

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