Gros Morne: Day 2 – Western Brook Pond & More

See short video of the day here.

We awoke in our oTENTik to a beauty of a day and enjoyed a leisurely breakfast of eggs and bacon. However, we didn’t have coffee! Java is a priority in my books. We heard there was a fantastic bakery not too far north of Green Point so decided to head out to explore while seeking this liquid gold.

One thing that is unique to Green Point is the geological site about 400m away. The best way I can describe this place is that it features the pages of time. Each millimeter of rock is equal to 100 years. Within the Green Point rock pages you can find fossils of simple life from around 500 millions years ago. This was our first stop, but since the tide was in we decided we would come back later to explore.

We stopped at Cows Head for reasons that I can’t recall. Everyone raved about it. We know of one couple who was going to attend a theatre performance. There were some cute looking craft shops, but no apparent coffee so we continued onwards to Sunrise Bakery in Parson’s Pond. They made us a fresh pot of coffee without us even asking and we picked some freshly baked snacks while we waited. The coffee hit the spot!

At this point we headed south again towards our main attraction for the day, a boat tour of Western Brook Pond. Western Brook Pond, was a fjord before it became landlocked. Today, this 16km long lake with is sheer ribbon like cliffs and sparklingly waterfalls is an icon landmark for Gros Morne, Newfoundland and Canada. Those who decide to do the boat tour need to hike or cycle the 3 kilometre, mostly flat gravel trail to the pond. There are benches for those who need it, but no shade or shelter from the elements. They say to allow for an hour to get from the parking lot, but you may wish longer, or shorter depending on your own mobility. There is a nice cafe and washroom facility where you check-in. Expect many people on each boat and a long line-up prior to boarding. We really enjoyed the whole 2 hours. Time flew by quickly due to awing scenery and the entertaining guide KJ. See a video from the tour here.

After we got back to our car, we had snacks and drinks and then returned to Green Point Geological site to explore before returning to home base to watch another sunset.

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