Bruce Trail – Mono to Hockley Nature Reserve

We met up at the Mono Centre parking (1.2 km of Mono Cliffs) lot to make our way down to the Hockley Valley Provincial Nature Reserve (60.1km of Caledon Club).

We couldn’t have asked for a better day.

After a short walk in a forest we passed through a cemetery. Thankfully, I was told, I was wearing red. This would keep the spirits away. On the other side of the cemetery, we entered the forest. Lush greenery and mossy rocks made it hard to believe it was the end of August.

We saw interesting plants and thanks to Nan we learned about flowers like Jewel Weed. and wild ginger. Details of the plants will be featured in the soon to be published video.

We found many board walks indicating that this may be quite muddy in the spring. We passed lakes and through fields. We climbed a few stiles and took in the valley views. The terrain was pleasantly diverse. Hockley Valley Nature Reserve is a workout in all seasons, but never gets boring.

We ended our hike with a late lunch at the Black Birch Restaurant. A restaurant I always try to go to when hiking in the area.

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