Bruce Trail – Kenilworth Stairs to Felker’s Falls & Chedoke Stairs to Kenilworth Stairs

We did back-to-back hikes on December 4th and 5th. These are perhaps the most stair filled segments of the Bruce Trail. Though challenging they were a lot fun and left a feeling of achievement. climbing 100 or so stairs on a crisp December day is an exhilarating way to start the day.

On Saturday morning we met in the golf course parking lot where we took the stairs part way up before exiting to the trail. These were not our last stairs. We met escarpment stairs in the middle and the end and then had to repeat these on the return hike. Because, what goes down must go up. The escarpment staircases in Hamilton are fascinating. We went through escarpment forest and along roadways. We hiked between forests and ramps and along the old railway. We even hiked a pedestrian clover leaf. All and all we hiked 19kms. After the hike we visited Ancaster Cheese & Fine Foods to pickup some yummy pre-dinner snacks. Highly recommend shopping here. Arnie and Milan know their stuff!

On the Sunday morning we started our 16km at the Kenilworth stairs and heading to Felker’s Falls along the Iroquoia Club portion of the Bruce Trail. This trail passes through escarpment forest, along a creek, below an overpass, a residential bike path and then along a gorge to reach this beautiful falls. After this hike we went to Cascata Bistro – a favourite restaurant near the Bruce Trail and along the drive home.

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