Bruce Trail – Terra Cotta to Caledon Trail-way

To quote my video, “the best time to hike is when and where no one else wants to hike.” In this case it was pouring rain when we started out. We hiked 18 kilometres on this hike and only at the 17 kilometre mark did a single hike pass us.

The trails were quite saturated on this wet day. The mossy rocks and trees and thick air provided a cozy feeling. However, that could also be because I was wearing rain pants and gators over my leggings and knee highs and my rain coat over my fleece and tank layers.

We crossed many streams and creeks along the way, as well as a marsh. All were navigational.

At one point we came across my 4th abandoned vehicle on the BT and a lost dress shoe. I have growing fascination with these two trail items.

The trail eventually opened up to rural roads surrounded by farms with rolling hill vistas.

We took the road side trail until we reached the southern terminus of the Cheltenham Badlands. This pocket is known for it Queenston Formation, the predominantly red shale. The trail for the viewing platform is closed until May. The BT bypasses this, but if you take the side walk on the northern park terminus you can get a peek. You can also walk further down to the bridge for glimpse, but watch for traffic. I’ve been here before, back in 2018.

We continued on from the badlands to the Caledon Trailway. This will be our starting point for another hike.

The view from here is beautiful!

The return trip had its perks too. 1) Things always look different in the other direction.

2) We spotted the Spirit Tree on the northbound route and decided to stop on the return for fresh baked goods and refreshments of all kinds.

3) We we had a little visit a cute Donkey. 4) We took the much easier and shorter Rockside Side Trail back to the car. 5) The sun came out and we got to peel off some layers.

Total 18 kilometres.

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