Bruce Trail – Kythera, Map 11

The Kythera Hiking – Bruce Trail Friendship Trail is a segment of trail twinned with Kythera Hiking in Greece.   The Greek island of Kythira is an idyllic place of nature, culture and history situated between Crete and the mainland of Greece. Kythera Hiking is a network of trails of ancient paths, waterfalls, medieval settlements and seas shores.

Back here in Ontario, a friend and I hike the segment from Scotch Block (8.9 km  to 0.0 km) of the Toronto Section.

The view here is similar to other escarpment trail sections – a wide eastern vista of Mississauga and Toronto.

We found a secluded perch off the rocky trail and paused for lunch. Thanks to my friend I’ve started hiking with my little Primus stove and acquired this one person pot that is just perfect for soup. At the beginning of the hike I added water to my ziplock of dehydrated mushrooms so that they would be ready for lunch. Also in the soup is pre-cooked pork, Gai Lan, garlic and rice noodles.  I forgot utensils, so I peeled nearby cedar twigs to make chopsticks. A flock of Turkey Vultures circle nearby.

The trail revealed rocky crevasses and flowers. Seen here is the Columbine, lower left, and Jack-in-the-Pulpit, right.

While hiking I’m becoming more interested on how and where blazes are marked. Most are on trees, when they are on other things like rock faces like the below, it kind of excites me. Then again, having to walk through a gap of rock to the unseen is exciting.


What hid behind was a moist forest trail that led to a field.


Also exciting on the trail were fence ladders. See the blaze? 🙂


Our last surprise came to us when we missed our turn to Hilton Falls Conservation area and walked to onwards to the 401. We came across the first Bruce Trail blaze.




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