Cottaging – Mother/Daughter

I am so grateful that my friend arranges a winter mother/daughter weekend at her parent’s cottage.

DSC07308This year besides eating yummy food, playing board games, building snow forts and cross-country skiing we were going to attempt to dye wool for spinning.

While the girls were industrious outside, we were industrious inside. With the natural wool roving we purchased at LandMade in Toronto and high quality food dye we set to work. On Friday night we soaked our roving in a vinegar water solution. We drained them gently squeezing the water out and then arranging the damp roving in bankable trays. We mixed the food colouring and added them to our rovings. Then we baked them until dry.


Once the wool was baked we gently rinsed the roving until the water ran clear and set the to dry flat overnight.



The next day, voila! We were rewarded with vibrant, hand dyed unique wool.


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