Fall Bridge Camp 2017 – Camp Samac

Camp Samac is a Scout Camp chosen for its proximity and ability to accommodate our bridge camp numbers.

We stayed in Kitchie. This building has a large central hall that is headed by the kitchen. We used this hall for dining, activities and closing. There are two smaller activity rooms, one on each side near the entrance.

Two long bunk rooms flank each side of the building, each with bathrooms. We put the Guides for the two units on one side and the Brownies and Sparks slept on the other. Pathfinders and Rangers slept outside.

Bunk room
Before the Guides arrived.
Bunk room
After the Guides arrived.


1978 bunk rules

Our camp and activities were themed around celebrating our unit’s 100 years. We rented 100 years of uniforms from council and created props fora photo booth. In the afternoon they created a time capsule scrapbook from the photos and other camp shots.  The girls also did crafts, dancing, singing, set up tents and more.

100 Year Crest
This is the 100 Year Crest I designed.

At night we had a great big bonfire where we did Sing Ontario Sing.

It’s too chaotic to have 100 people making s’mores in a timely fashion.  For large groups our Quarter Masters bake them in the oven using chocolate sided cookies.


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