Escarpment Vista

Bruce Trail – Crawford Lake to Rattlesnake Point – Map 11

This made for great hike with a new hiking partner on a brisk end of November weekend.

What surprised me most about this hike was the Iroquoian Village.  Plan to spend at least 30 minutes exploring this fantastic historic site.  Then perhaps take another 10 extra minutes to stroll around the lake.

One you start on the Bruce Trail you find you will come upon the escarpment vista fairly quickly. Up until this point the trail is very flat. After the escarpment the trail begins to diversify.
We ran into a bit of mucky mud and then a good incline to climb to give us a bit of a challenge.

We ended up at Steeles and Appleby and had to take this residential road a little while. We passed a lovely barn and were passed by a few long distance cyclists before reaching Rattlesnake Point.

We broke for lunch near the beginning of the Rattlesnake portion. Here I tested out my new portable stove, The Primus Classic Trail Stove. I chose this stove because the cooking surface provided support for my wide shallow packable cooking pots. I also didn’t want to be bothered with pumping.

We boiled rice noodles and added mushrooms, garlic, and Chinese brocolli to it. My co-hiker made tea on his portable stove. Nothing beats a warm snack in the middle of hike.Once we got into the bike trail area, it began to feel like a bit of a maze, even with the maps.  We came across a couple of hikers who had been going in circles. We followed our gut and made our way out to the lake and then to the parking lot.

Petunia, one of the friendly hikers we met.

Our view near the end of the hike.


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