Yoga on the Beach

Hello! What is one of the best things to do to unwind while on vacation? Yoga.  What’s the best way to do it? On the beach.

Qualicum Beach offers a few options for yoga on the beach. All options seem to be donation based. The first time I took my daughter to, but she was too easily distracted by the beach view. For me I was tickled pink about doing downward dog so that we could view the ocean and listening to the calm sounds of the ocean and Qualicum Beach. My serenity was only broken when, part way through the session, the yogi apologized for all the noise from the street traffic. I was up until that point completely unaware of it. Compared to Toronto, it was nothing.

On my last day of beach yoga something unusual happened. A man was wondering around with his dog was off its leash.  We were doing downward dog and admiring the ocean, when his dog decided to investigate the group. It began sniffing around and then crouched down between two women and did its business. Though the yogis said this had never happened before, they were prepared with bags. I later learned the two women were my Mom’s friend and her daughter in-law.

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