Camp Craft – Mosaic Patio Stones

At the Newmarket Enrichment Day for Guiders in 2016, I made a mosaic patio stone.  It was a fairly simple craft that can be enjoyed for many years to come. It is a bit messy though, so I thought making them outdoors at camp would be a good place to make them.

We made ours at Camp Tewateno and left one in the Spirit Garden.

I found pretty scalloped shaped baking tins at the dollar store, as well as marbles, plastic gems, glow in the dark, regular pebbles and the like. We also encouraged girls to bring any small thing they might like to add to their stones.

Quick dry concrete mix was purchased from the hardware store.  I got extra fine, but in comparison to the one I made in Newmarket I would get quick dry that wasn’t so fine for the future.

Because the concrete does set quickly, ask the girls to think out their design ahead of time.

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