Algonquin Park – Mew Lake Campground

We had yet to camp in Algonquin Park. I’m not sure why. Perhaps Algonquin seemed so legendary in Ontario and in that daunting. I thank a group a friends who invited us on their annual trip to motivate me. Instantly, I wish I had done it sooner.

We stayed in Mew Lake Campgrounds. Coincidently, my cousin and her family rented a cabin at Mew Lake that same weekend. The cabins are great options for those who find tents too much of a hassle.

We were there during a super moon and fell asleep to an orchestra of frogs.

We were the first rise the next day Our reward was a mother goose taking her choices on a tour through our site.

Our next wild creature was chippy, the name everyone calls their camp chipmunk. This chippy was bold enough to hop in our car when we packed up at the end of the weekend. Thankfully, I saw him and was able to encourage him out.

We also had a bunny bounce through. There were bear reports at other camps. My cousin saw a moose on the way to the washroom. We saw our moose leaving the park.



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