Mid Summer Nights Eve – Spring Camp


This June we held Spring camp at Bonita Glen on Field site. Only 10 days before June 22, our theme was Mid Summer’s Eve. It was inspired by Milner Gardens’ annual fairy solstice event and astronomy.  We decorated the shelter with twinkly lights and when the girls arrived we had them create floral tiaras fit to wear over their hats.


The high winds and threat of rain proved to be a challenge for us. We missed our morning hike, but were pleased with all wildlife that came to us. We had groundhogs, a skunk, fireflies, caterpillars and a deer. So while we were confined to our shelter doing crafts we had the girls record their observations and the weather.  We’ve decided to do this for all of our future camps.


Our main craft was hand sewing toadstool sit upons. We cut plastic table cloths from Dollarama. We cut an eggshell foam mattress for the cushion. Not only are they cute, but lightweight, foldable and water resistant.

The girls made their favourite hot dog in a milk carton.



When the rain stopped 2 of our leaders setup orienteering coarse through the woods.  The girls not on the course made a hat craft.

The 3rd years led wide games in the afternoon before B.O.B time. B.O.B. is bodies on bed, aka quiet time.

Firefly purchased Funky Flames at Canadian Tire, which added a little bit of magic to our campfire.


I experimented with a fairy glow charm craft.  I wouldn’t do it again.


The tempting view.



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