Arrowhead Provincial Park

This year’s annual Mother Daughter camp took place at Arrowhead Provincial Park just North of Huntsville.

Sorry. No cats allowed.

As usual we raced to beat the rain, but besides a few drops we didn’t have to worry.  We set-up our new tent and the tarp in less than an hour. Even dinner went surprisingly quick.

I tried tin foil lemon herb steak, asparagus and mushrooms over a fire for the first time.  Followed by cinnamon and brown sugar apples and bannock.

The next day we took it easy for breakfast, made our trail mix and headed out for a hike to Stubb’s Falls.





After lunch we headed into Huntsville to enjoy some local ice cream at the Nutty Chocolatier.

When returned to Arrowhead we stopped at the Oxbow lookout.


It was sweltering hot and the lake at Arrowhead was unusually warm for July. I even got in later that evening.


On our way home we stopped at Webers for the classic cottage country experience.



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