Halloween Camp – Wyoka 2014

Why do I love being a Guider? Nothing beats the look on their faces at the moment’s of discovery.


Wyoka Take II.

This was my third camp with with the, second time camping in Wyoka, and my first camp as a Guider.  Hurray! Instead of hip deep snow we had perfect fall weather. We stayed in Carlyle Lodge this time. This beautiful wood cabin was spacious and worked out very well for the group. Heads up for the leaders.

Halloween activities

Brown Owl loves Halloween and she organized the entire camp.  Some of the highlights included Night Eyes on Saturday night, pumpkin pom poms, Halloween wreaths and mini-pumpkin pies.



Other activities

Brown Owl arranged for a low ropes activity, we hiked the grounds past the silo, to the lakelet and back. We played a game called Chuck the Chicken, which I still don’t understand and star-gazed by the campfire.





The leader’s bunk area is upstairs between the girls bunk area and the washroom. It’s can be a high traffic zone in the night.


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