CSI Winter Camp 2015 – Camp Manitou

Brown Owl put together a super fun winter camp themed around the CSI challenge.  Brown Owl always does a terrific job of the camp program and menu posters.IMG_7398 IMG_7400

Camp Manitou

This camp is just outside of Milton and super close to Toronto, which is great for winter camping, especially after last year’s camp.

The view from our spacious two storey cabin was beautiful. The morning early birds got see deer frolicking across the field.

There are two large cabins on site. Ours had indoor washrooms. The other cabin looked beautiful form the outside but no washroom.  Their comfort station was a good 800 meters from the cabin (not ideal for young children in the winter.)

Our cabin had a dish washer and a fantastic griddle.  Let’s repeat. There was a dish washer.  We did find that bringing at least one patrol box would have been useful. As well, even though we managed to stretch the supply of dished. We now ask the girls to pack their mess kits as back up.

Another thing we did not expect was no mattresses and continuous bunk platforms! We ended up sleeping on wood with no cushions. The girls didn’t seem to mind. I’ve learned never to leave without my Thermarest, even if mattresses are supplied. Be Prepared, right?



We had plenty of outdoor time.

We hiked and did various games of tag. There were a couple of day use Scout groups tobogganing and doing archery.


The girls did snow colouring. Brown Owl added food colouring to water in zip lock bags and the girls took turns sharing the water and adding it to their snow sculptures.DSC06275 DSC06273

Indoor activities included a variation of Kim’s game, finger printing, hand writing analysis and chromatography.


Mug Up

Tawny Owl our main QM, tried baking muffins in an orange wrapped in tin foil.  They took longer to bake through than the recipe said, but were delicious.

IMG_7406 IMG_7414

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