Neverland Spring Camp – Tewateno

This was my first official voluntary camp as a parent volunteer.  Admittedly, I was pretty excited because www were sleeping in teepees.


Tewateno is a pretty cool camp with some fun themed sites that included pioneer wagons, mini-bunkies, mini-long houses and prospector cabins. Along the nature trails you’ll find a pond and Spirit Gardens.

DSC05809 DSC05823



We did compass work and trail marking.  Tawny Owl even managed to do the directional grass tie.


Brown Owl created a fun clue game to find the missing Princess Tiger Lily, aka Tawny Owl.  Which was a ton of fun.

Tawny’s Owls parents brought their telescopes for the girls to work on their astronomy badge.  On the way back to camp we got see fire flies in one of the trees, which was a huge bonus.


FYI: Even though there are cold, the concrete floors still make it cool.

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