Winter Camp – Wyoka

What happens when you get a whole lot of snow? Make maple syrup taffy.

Jan 25 2014 eating maple snow

This camp is how became a Guider.

I was a parent driving 3 Brownies to camp. Shortly after passing through Orangeville, the snow and wind took over and the roads closed. It became apparent I wouldn’t be making the return trip that night.  Half dressed for a date with hubby and dressed from a day at the office there I was.

Fortunately, I had put on my winter Timberlands, a ski jacket, a woolly toque and mitts before I left. I also my picnic blanket, spare socks and a travel toothbrush in the car. Be Prepared, right? As it turned myself (a former girl member) and two other mothers (a former girl member and a former Spark leader) ended up staying until the county ploughed us out, which was at 11:00 am on Sunday.



We stayed in the cozy York House. It wasn’t hard to make the best of things. The Guiders and Moms were great company. Plus, it was a great opportunity to spend more time with my daughter.

One of the leaders brought an extra pair of snow pants, which the Mom’s shared for snow shoeing on thigh high powder, snow shovelling, snow colouring and snow taffy.


We spent our indoor campfire teaching the girls knit. Surprisingly the girls actually were able to knit.


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