Bruce Trail – Map 12- Limehouse to 17 Side Road

KMs 14.1-21.5r

On this day we hiked the Bruce Trail from Limehouse Conservation Area to 17 Sideroad and back. This was fun day full of interesting people, like those cyclists followed by the vintage car on the Fifth Line; interesting creatures, like that toad in the rock; and interesting scenery, like rock climbs and creeks. I left some of our personal commentary in the video for your amusement.

First wild strawberries of the season.

Yes there were a lot of mosquitos! Yes, we took several wrong turns. We found a great empty parking spot – tip in the video. I’ve also included a clip on my hydration setup.

I love a good stile. They make the trails a little more fun.

The Vanderleck Side and Canada Goose Side Trails were a great choice for the returning. They offered some beautiful creek beds.

Our trail route.

And since nude hiking day is around the corner, I thought I would celebrate:)

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