Odd Things Found/ Seen on Hikes

Today I hiked to Borer’s Falls and came across a photo fashion shoot in Clappison Woods and then a golf ball smashed into the ground on Berry Tract.  This got me thinking of all of the other unusual sightings I’ve seen on trails and may see on future hikes.

  1. Fashion photoshoot, Clappison WoodsIMG_8096.jpeg
  2. Golf ball, Royal Botanical GardensIMG_8116
  3. A shoe tree, near the Screaming TunneltempImageg1fWeE

4. Motorcycle Harley Davidson man wearing a lace triangle bra with only a shirt wrapped around his waist and motorcycle boots, Rockway

5. Kid’s imagination play carpet.

6. Rusted abandoned van, Tofino.

6. Rusted car #1, Hockley.

7. Rusted car #2, Niagara.

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