Toronto Trails – St. Clair Loop

On August 12, the group I walk with met at St. Clair & Yonge.  We walked East to Avoca Ave and entered into David A Balfour Park.  I believe we crossed Mt. Pleasant at Yellow Creek and enter into Park Drive Reservation Trail to the Belt Line Trail.


We stopped for few short minutes at the Brick Works and visited with this snapping turtle. It’s smiling, right?


Then we continued up onto the ridge until the end and followed the tracks to until we got to Crothers Woods.

298B224C-C7ED-40A6-9DA4-96CE2FB5EFC7Crothers Woods sign

We headed south along a trail until we reached the Pottery Rd junction, crossed Bayview went North along the shoulder until a trail appeared and ended up back on the Brick Works Ridge.  We took this trail to through the Mud Creek section of the belt line and then somewhere at Mt. Pleasant we walked through residential streets back to St.Clair and Yonge. All in we walked about 10 kilometres.

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