Great Ocean Road Part 2- March 14

Twelve Apostles

Gibson Steps were closed when we got there because of the tide. Not to worry the apostles are beautiful from any vantage point. If your time warrants it, perhaps try to stay the day to take advantage of the different tidal stages.  Found this lion keeping watch over the cliffs.




There are several trails off the parking lot to the gorge.  We ended up at Razorback first.


Loch Ard Gorge

Loved, loved, loved the gorge. We sat here and enjoyed our picnic lunch. Really the pictures speak for themselves.


London Bridge

It’s a great landmark with an interesting story.  My friend W says she was there the day the land bridge collapsed and stranded picnickers on the sea stack.


Coochin Cove

We moved on to James Irvine Monument and Coochin Cove.  Our plan was to take a little swim, but the wind was quite cool.


Bay of Martyrs

Our last stop was to watch the sunset over the Bay of Martyrs.


Then we turned around and headed back to Melbourne.

Did I mention that I drove? Yupp! Me on the other side of the road.


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