foot prints in the sand

Great Ocean Road Part 1- March 14

Bells Beach

We set-off early in the morning from Melbourne and b-lined it to Bells Beach. Literally b-lined because there were several road closures to the beach, which meant we zigzagged around until we found the “locals” access.

If this stunning beach looks familiar its because this is one of the beaches surfing premiered in Australia.  Pro competitions are held here and for those Patrick Swayze/ Keanu Reeves fans out there, this is the beach featured at the end of the original Point Break movie.

Walk along the water. You can absolutely feel the power of the waves here. This is an advanced surfing beach not recommended for surfing tourists.  I’ve only ever once achieved a long ride carve.  One can dream though.



Great Ocean Road Chocolaterie and Ice Creamery

After the beach we stopped the a the Great Ocean Road Chocolaterie. I was told it was good, but nothing prepared me for this.  We entered into the most dazzling chocolate experience and to top it off it was decorated for Easter.


We did stop and indulge, because we had to. Never before have I tasted hot chocolate like this! More please.


Split Lighthouse

Once we were sugared up we continued on our way. Our next stop was Split Lighthouse, which had a nice walking trail and great view.



Lorne Beach

We stopped here for a little break. It was cold so we didn’t stay long.

Memorial Arch at Eastern View 

Sadly, it was so overcrowded with tour busses we kept on going. If it were for COVID we would joined the masses. The is where the road gets interesting.

Apollo Bay

What can I say about this beauty of a bay, except that its name is most suitable.  We only drove through, but honestly, I would have loved to have stayed here and been a beach bum for a couple of days.


Soon after Apollo the road goes inland.  Be on the lookout for creatures. You’ll surely see something.

Twelve Apostles, Loch Ard Gorge, London Bridge and more in Part 2


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