West Coast Trail – Pacific Rim National Park – Day 2: Camp

When we arrived at Camper Bay campground the sun was still high and hot. The cable car to ford the river was broken. My waterproof boots were already soaked. Regardless of how careful you are to avoid water and mud, somehow they still get soaked. The icy water was soothing. As we approached the camp, fellow hikers were swimming and bathing in the deep pool.  Someone said it was 8 degrees, but no one cared.


This was a neat camp. The deep pool of water leads into a shallow rocky stream that divides the main sandy camp from a rocky jut of land that shelters the main camp from the ocean. Washington state’s Olympic peninsula is seen across the way.


It was while putting on my water sandals to go swimming that I noticed my big toe was tender. It seems that wet feet/toe nails make your toes more vulnerable to injury. It may seem kind of extreme, but I was determined to carry on at the risk of losing a toe.

Thanks again to Double A we did our best to dry our hiking boots and socks. Poles come in handy.  This is also where I learned about wrapping poles in duct tape rather than carrying a role of tape.


I met an Australian man, part of a group of 4 men team of 2 Canadians and 2 Australians, while crossing the shallow but quick moving stream to the rocky jut. He was finding it extremely difficult to cross in flip flops. He ended up breaking them crossing on the way back. This is where the extra weight for a water sandal is important. Plus you can wear them with sock when you are around camp.

This is looking back at the camp.


When I went to find the bear boxes. I saw this tsunami evacuation route sign. Check out the boardwalk to scramble up if escaping a tsunami.

Spoiler alert: This is the start to Day 3’s trail.


When coming back from the bear bins I overheard the Canadian/Aussie team trying to trade M&Ms for water purification tablets.  They were completely out with 2 long days lefts. No one would trade them. A man with an ultra violet sanitizer offered to do a batch of water.

Fun fact 1: Campers put fishing floats and nets that have washed up on the beach to use.


Fun Fact 2: When you wake up in the middle of the night; regardless of needing of needing the loo or not; regardless of being cozy in your sleeping bag; regardless of being flat out tired; open that zipper and take a peak outside.  All those stars are for you in that moment.

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