Canada’s East Coast – Day 4

In my original itinerary we were only going stay in PEI on this date and had booked a Cavendish site in PEI National Park. By the time I realized we were going to stay the night on Day 3, we could no longer get a site in Cavendish. Stanhope became second choice. This being said, it was my favourite of the two for sites. If I return, this is the place I would stay hands down.

Lovely Stanhope

We took the morning a little easier this day, since we were only moving down the road. We took the time to boil water, make oatmeal and precious coffee for the solo driver – me.

We started the day at Stanhope Lighthouse and then on to Dalvay by the Sea aka White Sands Resort.

Next was Anne of Green Gables.  BTW – we had listened to Anne of Green Gables audio book on the car trip.

We hiked the trails on the grounds that inspired the story. We visited the babbling brook, haunted forest and took the trail to the old school house. I could have stayed all day in a dreamy state.


After this we went to Avonlea Village. This is really an outdoor mall, tourist trap, but if you love AGG, you have to go once. We ate at Moo Moo Grilled Cheese and Cows. It was a very hot day. It was time to hit the beach.


Cavendish beach it the place to go during a weekend heat wave. The sand and waves were great fun. Before we left, we strolled by the Lake of Shining waters.



When we got to our campsite, it was still blistering hot. This helped with drying off the morning’s dew, but I was complete done in. Yes, we had a view of the ocean, but we had no trees for shade or privacy. We were completely exposed.


After dinner we had cool showers and when we came out there was a Mi’kmaq dance performance beginning. It was really enjoyable. It began to sprinkle rain during the performance. It eventually stopped, but thankfully, it helped to bring temperatures down to a comfortable level.DSC07610.jpg


All in all this was a great day! We both decided that we could stay on the island for a week.

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